Staff Blog: To Dunk or Not To Dunk?

Posted on 14th April 2016 by Dale Moon

The definition of Dunking – To dunk or to dip a biscuit or some other food means, to submerge it into a beverage, especially tea, coffee, or milk. Dunking releases more flavour from confections by dissolving the sugars, while also softening their texture. Dunking can be used to melt chocolate on biscuits to create a richer flavour.

Dunking is considered by some a time honored tradition, but it is seriously frowned upon by others. On average we serve over 250,000 cups of tea or coffee throughout the year, here at The Banks’s Stadium, so it stands to reason that we have a fair amount of dunking taking place here.

The general consensus in the office is NO to dunking, and when I asked some of my colleagues about this a look of horror came over them.  After delving a little deeper it transpired that those that are not from a dunking household do not dunk themselves.

Of those colleagues who confessed to dunking, some were happy to go into the finer detail of how and what they dunk.

The office favorite seems to be the chocolate hobnob, as it withstands a fair amount of dunking before the dreaded break off. Close second is the good old fashioned gingernut and then bringing up the rear is the oreo.

The female dunkers I spoke to prefer to dunk alone, thus avoiding any humiliation should the worst happen and break off takes place mid dunk, plus there’s no one watching in wide eyed horror as you consume the whole pack of bikkies.

The blokes, on the other hand, displayed no compunction.  They’re happy to dunk in company, or alone, with no fear of coffee and bikkie dribble cascading down their shirts.

At this stage I think I should point out that we cater for all dunkers, as we serve a good selection of bikkies here, and most will withstand a good dunking.  So fear not, should you find yourself booked on a conference, or you’re down to attend Aunt Dorothy’s 80th birthday party, we welcome all dunkers secret or loud & proud.

By Dianne Elsworth – Business Development Manager