A Fan Perspective: Elton John

Posted on 16th June 2015 by Dale Moon

The dust has settled on what was a quite remarkable night at the Banks’s. One of which this town has never seen before.

For two and-a-half hours, 68-year old Sir Elton John reeled off his collection of hits, uninterrupted.

For those in attendance, it was abundantly clear that in our midst was a living legend.

This is an email we received the day after from a thrilled concert-goer:

Hi to you and all of the team who were in any way responsible for bringing Sir Elton John to Walsall F.C – Banks’s Stadium.

Following our brief conversation today, I felt compelled to write and say how very proud of yourselves you should all be, and your achievement was a resounding success.


From the moment my party entered the stadium we knew that this was going to be an evening never to be forgotten.  The atmosphere was electric, and the unfortunate weather was doing nothing to dampen the spirits of the 14,000 or so people who had turned up to witness the legend himself sing and play his heart out in “their own backyard.”


The sense of community was truly amazing, and people all around us on the pitch area of the seating were in fine form, introducing themselves and making general conversation, singing along word for word and dancing and linking arms in unity with complete strangers.  Trust me when I say that I have been very fortunate to be an avid concert goer all over the UK and beyond,  but I can’t think that I have ever been part of anything quite as uplifting as this concert, and when it’s taking place in your home town it really makes it feel personal.

To everyone involved on the evening itself, food sellers, bar staff gate stewards and security staff, you were polite and courteous, displaying authority without being regimental and overbearing, I extend a great big “pat on the back” to you all.

CONGRATULATIONS again to you all.   You must have worked tirelessly to bring such an event to Walsall and there is NO DOUBT that it paid off.  If an impromptu monsoon had blown in it wouldn’t have stopped us partying, we didn’t want it to end.

All the very best for the future of the club and very best regards to you all.