Create Your Own Menu


Create Your Own Menu

Choose a minimum of six items, all items are priced per person

  • [v] Selection of Tortilla Wraps                                                            £1.95
    on flour, tomato and spinach wraps
  • [v] Freshly Prepared Sandwiches                                                       £1.95
    on a selection of different breads (softgrain, white, malted wheat, wholemeal)


  • Selection of Oven Roasted Chinese and BBQ Chicken Drumsticks       £1.75
  • Deep Fried Chicken Goujons with Sweet and Sour Dip                        £1.95
  • Oven baked Chicken Wings of Fire with BBQ Sauce                            £1.75
  • Oven baked Piri-Piri Skewered Chicken with Sweet Chilli Dip              £1.75


  • Mini Pork Pie and Scotch Egg Platter                                                   £1.50
  • Freshly Baked Sausage Rolls                                                               £1.25
  • [v] Slices of Four Cheese and Baby Onion Quiche                               £1.25
  • Selection of Mini Steak and Chicken Pies                                            £1.75
  • Mini Cottage Pies                                                                                 £1.75


  • Deep Fried Breaded Wholetail Scampi                                                  £1.75
    Served with tartar sauce dip
  • Deep Fried Hot & Spicy Creel Prawns                                                   £1.75
    Served with tartar sauce dip
  • Deep Fried Seafood Platter                                                                   £1.95
    Plaice Goujons, Scampi and Battered Prawns
  • Oven Baked Mini Seafood Selection                                                      £1.75
    Sweetcorn and prawn fritters, fish money bags, hot and spicy prawn parcels, seafood flutes with tartar sauce dip


  • [v] Oven Baked Mini Indian Selection                                                  £1.75
    Vegetable Samosas, Onion Bhaji, and Spinach Pakora with a cool mint yoghurt dip
  • Mini Duck and Hoisin Spring Rolls                                                        £1.75
    With sweet and sour dip
  • Oven Baked Mini Oriental Selection                                                      £1.95
    Sweet chilli vegetable crackers, thai fishcakes, sweet and sour chicken spring rolls, thai vegetable rice balls with a sweet chilli dip
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Rolls                                                             £1.75
    With a sweet chilli dip
  • Minted Lamb Kebabs                                                                           £1.75
    With a cool yoghurt dip


  • [v] Deep Fried Jalapos                                                                       £1.75
    Jalapeno pepper filled with cream cheese and coated in breadcrumbs
  • [v] Oven Baked Mediterranean Bruschetta Selection                         £1.75
  • [v] Five Cheese and Tomato Pizza Slices                                           £1.50
  • [v] Deep Fried Hot Mozzarella Sticks                                                 £1.75
  • [v] Deep Fried Beer Battered Onion Rings                                        £1.50
    With garlic mayonnaise dip
  • [v] Oven Baked Traditional Falafel                                                    £1.75
    A mix of chickpeas, onions and spices with a mint yoghurt dip
  • [v] Oven Baked Mini Mexican Selection                                             £1.75
    Corn fritters, vegetable wedges, spicy vegetable enchiladas, bean and vegetable empanadas served with a cool salsa


  • [v] Potato melters                                                                             £1.75
    Potato skins oven baked filled with cheddar cheese
  • [v] Deep Fried Spicy Potato Wedges                                                 £1.75
    With dips of tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce
  • [v] Potato Bravas                                                                             £1.75
    Potato wedges topped with spicy tomato salsa and garlic mayonnaise
  • [v] Deep Fried Chunky Chips                                                            £1.50
    With dips of ketchup, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce


  • Greek Salad                                                                                       £1.75
    Cucumber, mixed peppers, red onion, olives and feta cheese in a lemon and dill olive oil dressing
  • Mediterranean Couscous Salad                                                         £1.75
    Couscous with chickpeas, sultanas, apricots and red peppers in a spicy dressing
  • Chefs Mixed Salad                                                                             £1.00
    Traditional salad of mixed leaves tomato, cucumber and red onion in a homemade vinaigrette dressing
  • Tomato and Mozzarella Salad                                                            £1.50
    Sliced tomato and mozzarella cheese dressed with a basil infused olive oil
  • Homemade Potato Salad                                                                    £1.50
    Sliced new potatoes, spring onions and fresh mint in a light mayonnaise
  • Beetroot and Onion Salad                                                                  £1.25
    Sliced beetroot and red onion dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Homemade Chunky Coleslaw                                                             £1.00
    Shredded white cabbage, red onion and grated carrot bound in a light mayonnaise
  • Traditional Caesar Salad                                                                    £1.50
    Cos lettuce, oven baked croutons, a rich Caesar sauce and finished with shaving of parmesan cheese
  • Spicy Tomato and Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad                             £1.75
    Courgettes, aubergine, mixed peppers, red onion and black olives

Special dietary menus are available on request.