Staff Blog: Kiosk Manager, Lucy Hyde

Posted on 1st April 2016 by Dale Moon

I love my job, there’s no doubt about it!

Never did I think that when applying for a Silver Service Waitress role just over 4 years ago that I’d be where I am now. Being the Kiosk Manager brings a whole set of different challenges and rewards in comparison to my other role at the Club; Senior Supervisor in the Conference & Events department.

No two matches are the same at the Banks’s so I’m always having to use my initiative in order to adapt to different situations and find new strategies to overcome problems that sometimes arise. It’s not always plain sailing but that’s what makes it exciting and invigorating; I thrive off of the pressure. There are customers to please, targets to be met – personally and professionally – and competitors to outdo; all of which I wouldn’t be able to do without my team of Kiosk Supervisors and Team Members who do a great job.

Every task of being Kiosk Manager injects fun into the role, from the strenuous set ups to getting to know the fans. Setting up the kiosks can be tough sometimes but it also has the advantage of being a great workout; who needs a gym membership when you’re moving crates upon crates of drinks and pushing cages full of stock around the ground?! It’s great fun! Then there’s the buzz of the match day, fans start to enter the ground and all the hard work is put to the test. It’s always rewarding watching the fans leave after the match knowing that they’ve received the best customer service possible.

Before being appointed as Kiosk Manager I was a Kiosk Supervisor in one of the Away Kiosks – secluded to the kiosk I was always in it didn’t allow me to have to freedom of walking round the ground during the day as I do now. Interacting with the fans has to be one of the many enjoyable factors about this job, whether it be the Season Ticket Holders that attend every match who chant songs to me as I walk past, or it be the travelling fans that are new to the Banks’s and comment on how differently we run the kiosks in comparison to other clubs they’ve visited. It’s always useful to know what the fans think about how the kiosks are run as it helps tremendously when I put forward ideas in order to make changes.

My second season as Kiosk Manager is slowly coming to an end and I could not be any happier with the progress I’ve made whilst having this job role. I know none of it would’ve been possible without the continuous support of my Manager Vicki Chambers and Head Chef Richard Varley so a very big thank you is owed to them. Now we look forward to the rest of the season and whatever it may bring.

Lucy – Kiosk Manager.