January 2016

Posted on 14th January 2016 by Dale Moon

Here are just some of the thoughts of our guests who have visited the Banks’s Stadium in the month of January:

“It was a super party and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Nigel did a great job looking after things so we were able to get on enjoying ourselves and chatting with guests, some of whom we had not seen for years, and Elaine enjoyed introducing extended family members to each other who had not met before.

Wayne’s sounds were particularly impressive, in fact I would say it’s the best party disco we have enjoyed in a long time, and there were lots of compliments.
The Chef ( we didn’t get his name ) provided the right amount of good food and here again there were lots of compliments, and Debbie behind the bar provided a friendly and efficient service.

We had some Burton Albion supporters from Elaine’s family amongst the guests so there was some good friendly banter between them and us, and particularly after beating Brentford earlier in the day.

We had quite a few enquiries about the venue from the impressed guests. and obviously gave our recommendations that this is the place to have a party!
People didn’t want to go home, so Elaine and I had to make the first move to depart, hoping that Nigel would get the rest out OK.
So thank you Sharna, and the team, from Elaine and myself, for a most enjoyable and memorable evening.” – Roy